The Retreats

The Own It! Retreats


The Locations

Our retreats always take place at very special locations of a very high frequency. They are in places of incredible tranquility, natural beauty, and regions surrounded by the most untouched nature. Do not expect luxury, this is back to basics. It is the best way to reconnect to who we truly are and to learn how little we need to be happy- when nature is all around. This brings us back to inner balance and strength quickly. We are looking forward to meeting you there and to spend an amazing time in these places of paradise with you! 


A Vida Fausto, Coja, Portugal - Sept 24 to Sept 30, 2017

Join us for a magical week completely Off the Grid. Our friend Lynn has created a little independent paradise in the mountains of Portugal. Sleeping in greenhouses under trees, and enjoying plant based local food ensures staying connected to nature 24/7: A perfect setting  to work on full embodiment and alignment. We will have the complete space for ourselves and will be outside during the day all the time. We are happy to welcome you to the second Own It! Retreat here in beautiful Coja. Read about the experiences of others here.