The Coaches

The Coaches

Vera & Melinda

We met at a retreat in Glastonbury.  It couldn't have been written more perfectly for two worlds to come together to blast open a new approach for navigating new earth. We don't see angels or unicorns, but we do read energy. We don't claim to have all the answers.. but we know that the answers are within us all. Neither of us could find what we were looking for out there. So we decided to create our own stage, for our own retreats, and bring our very own no bullshit down to earth approach to the world.

Vera and Melinda in Goa: Be Water and go with the Flow. 

Vera and Melinda in Goa: Be Water and go with the Flow. 


Melinda Glenister

Hi there!  This is me.. Melinda…  I am a feldenkrais teacher, and embodiment and movement coach… I teach people to reconnect with themselves, through their body, through movement and touch. The physical body the most neglected part of the spiritual journey. But spiritual development without embodiment can never evolve, as it will remain in a state of disconnect. It cannot be bypassed. It is really the missing piece of the jigsaw.

I have an endless curiosity about people, and how we deal with the human experience.  I have a wealth of experience working with people from all walks of life including athletes, dancers & musicians, special needs babies and children. My passion is helping people to find ways to reconnect with their true selves through their bodies.  I work with physical and emotional trauma, disconnection and dissociation- it all manifests through the body.  I use the teaching and the movement experience I've had to bring people into a place of true embodiment- bringing the thinking, emotional and spiritual bodies together- using the physical body and movement as the mirror and the medium.

I work internationally with private clients, lead workshops and retreats, and also reach people through my blog and audio programs- bringing them to a place of self-trust and self-acceptance where transformation is possible.


I have a unique mix of working with energy and the physical body. This is the basis for intuition- and this is what I teach on retreat.

Through times of extreme change and stress we disconnect from ourselves- it is ingrained into our culture and needs a total unlearning.  This fragmentation and disconnection is reflected in all our ways of relating to our environment and in our relationships.  A healing or becoming whole can only be complete when it is a truly embodied process. Our body and our awareness of the expression of ourselves through movement is the mirror helping us to grow, and showing us everything that is not yet whole in the most intimate and accessible way.

You can take a look at my blog on my main website for more on my background and my philosophy, or for my audio lessons and news of other workshops, as well as more detailed information about feldenkrais.


Vera Ingeborg

Hey! I am Vera Ingeborg,  blogger, and energy coach. I teach the language of energy and support people in their awakening, with tools to empower themselves and to handle this challenging, yet excting journey in the most effective way, to make life fun again! Awakening is challenging, but it does not have to be a journey of endless pain. I can promise you that, as I have experienced it myself. And back then, I would not have believed what is possible!

I was not always a writer and coach. Far from it! Actually, I lived a very different life before. Married, big house, big car, big career in the automotive industry as head of communication of a company with 14.000 employees for eight years. I know exactly how the daily rat race feels like. When you come from a place of scarcity and fear and the ego is completely in the lead. No matter how much you achieve, it is never enough. Until your soul takes over.... and you wake up and realize.... That cannot be it... there must be more. Happiness must come from somewhere else, it certainly does not come from career or materialistic achievements. So where does it come from?

I have gone through all the pain, through all the letting go myself, from being completely asleep to fully awake in only two years. And that was far from comfortable. But I would not trade in any of it anymore. My life has turned out to be paradise.


And that is what I now share with you and the world. My experiences and tips how to navigate your journey.

It is possible - a life outside the system, outside the matrix. I live my life like this now. I have no residency and the only thing I still own is my camper and my kitegear, working when and where I want, not owing anything to anyone, meeting wonderful people everywhere, and see magical places all over the planet.   A life like this becomes possible when we transmute all of our fear patterns into love and trust. Emotions are the key to transformation. That is what I work with and what I teach: How to create the life of your dreams, by shifting your energetic frequency upwards.

I work very intuitively to find the right approach in the specific situation. When you learn the language of energy, and receive the necessary tools, then you create a different reality. The one you truly want.