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Read what others experienced with OWN IT! 

Read what others experienced with OWN IT! 


Valerie R. England - OWN IT! MARAZION / CORNWALL

I have just returned from a week in Cornwall on retreat with Vera and Melinda.  I have to say it was a life changing experience.  Vera and Melinda bring their own particular specialities but it turns in to a seamless joyous experience.  They are more than therapists or facilitators, but professional young women with a warmth and understanding that belie their years. They not only talk the talk but walk the walk with absolute integrity.  I think integrity is lacking in so much of life today, so it is refreshing to be led to deep truths,  safe in the hands of honest, non-judgemental, life affirming people.

With such guidance I can recommend to anyone now seeking a new approach to life, go on retreat and embrace a new way of thinking and moving and being.



I want to thank each and every one of you for an amazing week. The word 'amazing' incorporates so much - I don't  necessarily mean 'good' although of course there were some life affirming highlights. But we are learning that there is no right or wrong .... it just is. And it is all 'amazing' in that framework, even the painful bits, as we know the only way round is through! I saw my 'low' moments as energy coming up for healing and growth. For recognition and acceptance of patterns that no longer serve. The week has been a catalyst for me to find myself again, for which I am truly grateful. Again, trusting in the process. And if I had moments where feeling safe felt elusive, I saw this as an opportunity to find the falsehood of some story I had made 'true' in the dim and distant past. I love that the Universe brought us all together - no coincidence there. I love how Vera created and held the space so beautifully and with such love. Observing this in the flow is a huge incentive to make choices to live like this when we allow. I thank Melinda for holding space for the crucial physical work she did with us - shaking loose the old programmes locked inside on a cellular level. 

Vera and Melinda are really onto something with this combination. And I am sure this will grow and evolve organically with each retreat they do together.  Maybe our paths will cross again. Who knows? We are all connected and the work we do on ourselves will extend to the group and beyond - that is the beauty of energy. 


Wilbert W. The NEtherlands - OWN IT! At SEA Triskel Travel / Spain

What a great adventure 'The Wake Up Experience, Own it at Sea Retreat' was. The sea and the Ocean Renegade have been great teachers: sometimes the circumstances are forcing you to change the plan. For us reaching Morocco was no reasonable option as the wind, the waves and current were doing their own thing.
I never knew that sea sickness can be a blessing and in the end I found my own way to master it. Captain Fred gave me the chance to sail his beautiful ship and this has been a wonderful and memorable experience.
Fred is a super captain, cook and host. The Ocean Renegade created the perfect space for growth and new insights. Berith has been a great hostess. Josie coordinated everything very well on land inspired me with a new view on myself. Vera's unbelievable support and inspiring teachings have helped me to open new doors and new perspectives.
It was a privilege to go on this journey with fellow travelers Jean, Jenny and Titus.
Thanks everybody for this magical experience. I feel blessed!


Ana-Maria P. Germany - OWN IT! Off the Grid / A Vida Fausto - Portugal

I came to Portugal on a kind of Soul Adventure with the desire to transform some old stucked energies which tormented my mind and body. By approaching my adventure with an open mind and heart, I was able to recive the love and light with open arms. This experience was so wonderful that it can not really be expressed in words. It can only be felt with an open heart. Vera is an amazing, wonderful and powerfull woman who will enrich the life of any person she comes into contact with. I trust her and her methods and everything she says and does comes from the Heart. I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people who made me feel like I’m not alone in my way of thinking, who like me the way I am and who SEE me for who I truly AM. Thank you and I love you!!!


Anna G. Germany - OWN IT! Off the Grid / A Vida Fausto - Portugal

This is the first retreat I have ever been at. I had no real expectations, just wanted to let go of some grief, as I hadn’t found space for it in my busy life. The experience in Portugal blew me away. I found new friends, love and: Lots of magic I can create by myself.


Pauline L. Canada - OWN IT! Off the Grid / A Vida Fausto - Portugal

The week in Portugal was a magical and transformational week of personal growth.  I know you say that the group made the magic, but it wouldn't have been possible without your giant heart and formidable knowledge of activities designed for a multimodal healing. We flourished with one-to-one discussions, group sharing, and individual work. Interacting with nature was deeply supportive--the work by the waterfall is something I will take with me as I continue to cultivate myself. We all share a little of each other's struggles--I learned that these difficulties can be uniting instead of divisive, and most importantly that I am not alone and can seek support.  ‎We were nourished by the tall trees rustling, twigs crunching underfoot with every step and birds chirping at A Vida Fausto--Lynn's work is truly a labour of love for nature and humanity and has piqued my interest in the circular economy. Irene's cooking was heaven--the plant-based meals were more than satisfying--extraordinary in fact, seasoned with her exquisite palate and love, and each of the many dishes complemented the other, and I happily ate it all (you know that's an understatement--I'm your no. 1 fan, Irene!).   I have never met such a wonderful and accepting group of human beings, with such diverse backgrounds and each so powerful in his and her inimitable way.  And I know that if we set aside our busy lives to come to this retreat, it was because of you, Vera. You are our rock and our star. A grateful and newly opened heart thanks you.