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New Energies need New Approaches...

Seeking answers and healing outside of yourself is history.  No psychic, no tarot reader, no pendulum dowser, no guru can be your saviour. The only guru you need in this new paradigm is you.

Now is the time to take your power back. Our retreats are designed for you to learn in the quickest, most down to earth way possible, how to navigate your own life. We take you to untouched places in the world and in yourself, to reconnect to nature, and discover its healing power and the intense support we can receive when we open ourselves to it. Re-connecting to nature and re-connecting to yourself is one and the same..


At OWN IT Retreats, we are all about embodiment and empowerment.  You already have all the tools you need to create your dream. We will show you in simple, graspable, practical ways how can be more of who you truly are- and find it for yourself.. as we are only interested in your empowerment.

Why work with us? – When we combine our expertise we truly address the Whole You.. the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. This gives a possibility of healing on a whole other level, because nothing is left out, nothing is separated, everything is integrated through the physical body. Too many people still live in disconnect, and separate or tip toe around parts of their overall human being. In these retreats we are working towards oneness. This is what makes our retreats unique.  

We have gone through all of these processes ourselves. We know it can get really rough.. We know the pain, the despair, doubts and loneliness that you can experience on the path to true freedom. The cosmic jokes that pop up when you least want them to.  We know that navigating through the misinformation out there is very hard to do.. We also know: The rewards are real. Living a life in freedom, abundance, only doing what you love is possible – if you learn to apply the principles of the Universal Laws and live in accordance with them. This means to undo your past programming and unlearn the patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back. Stripping away anything and everything that's been weighing you down...  It means to drop the crap and find the truth that has been hidden there all along... We'll show you how...