Retreats for the Whole you


The current rational world, as well as the spiritual world is stuffed full of beliefs, theories, guides, and rituals. They are nothing but a distraction from where we are already whole: Our center within. They can easily become a trap to keep us stuck while longing for balance, lightness and fulfillment. All we long for here is for ourselves!  So, instead of making yourself dependent on governments, news, bosses, gurus, angels, guides,  etc, stop living your life according to all of this crap and giving your power away. Remember that you already have your own inner-guidance system. We are in the middle of human evolution and are discovering oneness- that we are all connected and interdependent. That is all you need, all you have ever needed, and the only way to reach inner peace.  How can you access it? This is what our retreats are all about...