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A Vida Fausto - Portugal

The Retreats - Portugal

Sept 24 to Sept 30, 2017

A Vida Fausto- Portugal

Welcome to A Vida Fausto - your personal piece of Paradise completely off the grid. Life is simple here, being connected to nature 24/7. This retreat takes you back to basics. Along with the energy and body work sessions, you learn how little is needed to live a good and fulfilling life. Wake up to the sound of the birds and the trees that are surrounding you. Log out completely and enjoy a week with like-hearted people, healthy, plant based food,  and learning everything you need to know to fully align with the higher universal frequencies, transform what is not serving you any longer and fully embody it, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The place is owned and run by Lynn, a former marketing manager, who decided to follow her heart and set up a permaculture based community space. Lynn and her animals are already looking forward to hosting you and sharing their amazing location with you! 

A Vida Fausto View

A Vida Fausto View


The Portuguese mountain range "Sierra de Estrela" ("Star Mountain Range") is a real insider tip off the beaten track. Laid back vibe, very unspoilt and un-touristy. Here you can taste the real local life. Pure nature, lots of forests, waterfalls and beautiful beaches along the rivers create stunning views and adventures. We will have the opportunity to hike and explore the surroundings with all our senses, working under blue skies to shift our reality. Hangmats invite for a rest. The place offers enough space to be on your own as well if you feel like retreating. A Vida Fausto is the perfect location with the perfect energy to reconnect to yourself and all that is. You will learn important tools and methods to successfully navigate your journey on your own, without making yourself dependent on others. You will learn how to transmute energy, shift your frequency and transform fear and old patterns physically and energetically, while staying balanced and grounded. You will learn how to reconnect with yourself through your body, and how to listen to your body as the perfect mirror of everything you experience -  your greatest teacher. Lynn is going to treat us with delicious plant based, organic food and a very unique sleeping experience in the middle of nature. She will give us insights into what it means to live a community life in harmony with nature. With a group of max. ten participants, we will work outside full time and with and in all the elements, including water. And of course we will have a lot of fun! Make sure to bring waterproof clothes as well as swim suit/bikini and summer outfits that fit living in nature. 

You will also have one day off during the week to go and explore and integrate. 

OWN IT! No Guru. No Bullshit. Just You.   We are looking forward to sharing this amazing experience with you. 


The Workshop Deck and one of the Greenhouses

The Workshop Deck and one of the Greenhouses

Coja Surroundings

Coja Surroundings

The Mountain Rivers

The Mountain Rivers

The Facilities

A Vida Fausto is a two hectares permaculture ground, close to the little farming village Coja.  Lynn has turned greenhouses into sleeping facilities that allow you to be connected to nature and the sky and stars at night.  There are five green houses for double occupancy. There is a shared vermicomposting toilet (no different from what you are used to) and a shower that will be heated up with wood twice a day, mornings and evenings. While it might feel uncomfortable first, to share a hut with people you don't know yet, it is not only a very good exercise to get out of your comfort zone, but will open up a whole new sense of community living. There is wifi around the main house (birdhouse) as well as electricity to charge phone and laptops, although most participants notice that the need to connect virtually disappears fast when being in nature and in company of amazing people. Electricity is not strong enough to operate hair dryers, so natural drying will have to do. 

It’s a 3,5 hour drive from Lisbon and 2,5hrs from Porto. Rental cars in Portugal are very affordable. There are also great, convenient and fast public bus services (with wifi) running from both cities to Catraia de Mouronho.


River Beach

River Beach


This is an all inclusive offer and includes: 

- 6 nights at A Vida Fausto in a shared Greenhouse (double occupancy)
- 3 meals a day including drinks (water, wine, beer) / one meal on arrival and departure day)
- Water and tea throughout the day
- 4 days of Own It! sessions morning & afternoon with Vera and Melinda in and around A Vida Fausto

Not included in price are flights, getting there, drinks other than mentioned and optional extra activities in the area. A separate brochure with detailed info will be available shortly. 

Early Bird Offer until August 25: 999 Euros

Regular booking after August 25: 1111 Euros                                                                                          


The Admin stuff

You sign up through the booking page. To reserve your spot, simply make a deposit payment of 333 Euro. The remaining 666 Euro for the early bird offer is due by Aug 25. After that date, the remaining 778 Euro for the regular rate is due by Sept. 5. Cancellation after that date is only possible if someone else takes the spot.

Payments can be made via bank transfer (Vera Muench, IBAN: DE62120300001002816930, BIC: BYLADEM1001) or through Vera's donation form.

We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if we do not have sufficient numbers up until Sept 10, 2017.

Please note you are solely responsible to arrange your own travel insurance.  For the disclaimer, please read here.. Check your specific Visa requirements for Portugal in time if you are not a EU citizen.  This lies in your responsibility.

We will set up a group on Fasterplan so that you can align and arrange with fellow participants to get there, by sharing a rental car or using the bus system together. A brochure with detailed info is available and will be sent to you after your sign up request.  

Portugal is a beautiful country to visit, and you might want to consider to extend your stay to check out other amazing places.